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HRPlus is Singapore HR Solutions Provider and the front-runner in HR Outsourcing. We work with results-driven and future-forward enterprises, big and small.

We are HRPlus.

With our extensive multidisciplinary industry experience, we develop Singapore HR solutions that streamline processes, ease digital transformation journey and fast-track business growth paths that leverages on your best asset – human resource.

Singapore HR Solutions
Singapore HR Solutions

Kickstarting the Plus Journey

Businesses battle for talent in a globally competitive marketplace. We have been in the business of locking the best talent for our clients for almost 20 years. With our SearchPlus and JobPlus divisions, we help companies prepare their hiring gameplan, attract top talent and streamline hiring processes positively.

Skills and capabilities are the new currencies in a constantly changing workplace. To accomplish your business goals, JobPlus has been working with companies to lock the best talent that fits their role and their company’s culture. For almost two decades, we have successfully placed key people in some of the biggest companies in the IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, F&B, Retail, Logistics, Shipping Services, Medical and Healthcare sectors.

SearchPlus Asia is the executive search division of HRPlus. For almost 2 decades, it has successfully enabled  clients to on-board critical management roles for their Singapore and Asian operations. Leveraging on the extensive network of the SearchPlus Executive Team, the team works with clients in developing their talent acquisition programmes across diverse industries in the Asian region.

Why HRPlus?

The future of work will be defined by a limitless workforce, powered by a flexible and independent platform. HRPlus partners with companies to discover, foster, and empower an ever-expanding network of diverse talent.



HRPlus helps your business, big and small progressively. Our Singapore HR solutions and business outsourcing services support companies locally and overseas. We tailor the solutions to size, scale and nature of requirements to help companies improve everyday work life.



Today’s growing businesses are going global. HRPlus supports companies to enter new markets, hire and operate the business without the need for a local set-up. Leveraging on the HRPlus network in the Asian region, we enable companies to enter new markets with ease.



HRPlus enables you to simplify processes in order to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Through Singapore HR Solutions and automation, we are our client’s partners for increased accuracy, efficiency and better bottom lines.



With the diverse HRPlus team, on-board category experts to support your business, HR, finance and tax intelligence. We support clients to ensure today’s outsourcing model works - their goals are met, they cut costs, they focus on their business core while we get the jobs done and deliver results.



From top tier, high touch and strategic counsel to streamlined business processes, human-centric protocols and community building, HRPlus works with clients to optimise today’s work life and prepare businesses and their people for the future of work.

Singapore is the best home in Asia for your business.

Being in one of the most rapidly emerging economies over the past 50 years, and with over 37,400 international companies, Singapore continues to be the partner of choice for businesses across the globe. HRPlus is headquartered in the heart of Singapore. Companies leverage on it as a base to enter Asia, build a strong Asian presence and run their business compliantly.

Home to the best talent.

For both the organisation and the market, Singapore has an elite workforce who are next generation leaders. HRPlus, through JobPlus and SearchPlus Asia, has been a pioneer in the talent acquisition and executive search, enabling clients to hire the most suitable talents that fit jobs and company cultures.

Headquarters for leading companies.

Setting up the business in Singapore offers companies proximity to growth markets in Asia, stable political and favourable tax regimes. HRPlus supports companies with in-depth market experiences to enable companies to register and operate their business compliantly.

Driver of Innovation.

Singapore has steadily become one of Asia’s leading hub for innovation, research and development. Government agencies such as the Economic Development Board, Enterprise Singapore and the Info-communications Media Development Authority proactively support Singapore companies in their innovation efforts. HRPlus offers HR Consultancy services to companies to streamline their operations, resource planning, development core capabilities and digital transformation journeys to prepare the Singapore workforce for the future of work.

Premier Startups Economy.

Singapore welcomes the market-entry of game-changing  start-ups. The transparency, digital automation and tax breaks granted to qualified startups makes it an ideal regional base for businesses to thrive. To give start-ups the opportunity to focus on their core expertise and operate their new business in Singapore compliantly, HRPlus offers business outsourcing, payroll and benefits management, pass application and data privacy accreditation services.

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