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Singapore is one of the world’s leading business hubs and a preferred work location for many expats. Different types of working visas are made available to foreign talents working in Singapore.

With PassPlus, we manoeuvre through the ever-changing intricacies of securing a Singapore Employment Pass compliantly on your behalf so your expat hires are on-boarded, as smoothly as possible.

Work Visa Singapore

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Skip the hours and stress of staying on top of documentation, local regulations and regularly updated circulars to secure and retain the different work visas for your expat staff in Singapore. With PassPlus, a dedicated local HR and employment pass application consultant is assigned to you to take over the application process.
Employment Pass Singapore

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  • The compensation package for Singapore Employment Pass varies on the seniority of the hire. For Junior level hires and recent graduates from good institutions, the minimum compensation package starts at SGD54,000 annually. For more experienced candidates and managerial posts, higher compensation packages are needed to qualify. 
  • Each application is evaluated on its own merit, based on a wide range of criteria such as global and country rankings and enrolment standards, among others. MOM looks at other factors such as proven track records and exceptional skill sets on a case-by-case basis.
  • There is no list of approved institutions that applicants are alumni of. Candidates without typical academic qualifications and/or years of experience may not necessarily be rejected. Similarly, having acceptable qualifications does not guarantee approval.
  • In recent years, especially since the disruption of the Covid19 pandemic, the issuance of employment passes in Singapore has been tightened considerably.

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PassPlus is the “plus” that companies need to navigate in the new normal.

Singapore offers different working visas for foreign talents joining Singapore companies. Appoint PassPlus to work with your HR team to secure the right working visas for your expat team joining your Singapore headcount.

Employment Pass

The Singapore Employment Pass is issued to professionals who wish to work in Singapore. To qualify, young and junior candidates must earn a minimum of S$4,500.

Personalised Employment Pass

The only self-sponsored work pass, this is accessible to foreign nationals with specialised, niche and highly in-demand skills seeking work in Singapore. It is a one-time issue, non-refundable within 3 years. Qualifications and approval criteria are strict and reserved for top-notch global expats.

Entrepreneurial Pass (Entrepass)

A unique and specialised Work Visa designed for foreign nationals with remarkable talent and business knowledge. The primary objective of this visa is to recruit highly competent and enterprising foreign nationals to Singapore to establish a high-value business.

Work Permit

This Work Visa is typically issued to blue-collar or foreign skilled workers. It is subject to payment of monthly levies and quota based on the number of local employees hired, industry category or nature of business of the employers.

S Pass

Opened to all foreign nationalities. A minimum salary is imposed for applicants which depend on their skills, experience and age. A limited number of such passes are available as it is subject to strict quota and monthly levies.

Dependent Pass

These passes are commonly extended to children and spouses of employment pass and S Pass holders(earning more than a certain salary). Dependent Pass holders are not allowed to work and must obtain a separate Work Visa on their own merit if they choose to work.

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