World-class talent acquisition is the future of work.

The new normal short-circuited the onset of more flexible work environments, automation and skills specialisation in the workforce.

TalentPlus houses services through JobPlus and SearchPlus. The workforce of the future goes beyond credentials, our recruitment and executive search efforts share our client’s vision and place a premium on employee adaptability, shared values, critical and creative thinking.

Permanent Hires

Through JobPlus, we are one of the pioneers in Singapore recruitment agency. With almost 20 years of experience, we continue to collaborate with clients with innovative strategies to hire, engage, motivate, develop, retain, reward and optimise the productivity of the workforce.

Contract Staffing

Executive Search

TalentPlus is the “plus” that companies need to navigate in the new normal.

Leverage on TalentPlus experienced, multi-disciplinary talent acquisition team and our vast professional network to find the right talent to join you.

Proven Track Record

JobPlus is one of the pioneers and a category leader in HR consultancy and recruitment in Singapore. With almost 20 Years industry of experience, JobPlus has successfully collaborated with some of the world’s most trusted brands from various industries, in the search and appointment of their Singapore and APAC teams.

Industry Expertise

The world is ever-changing and so are we. Our growing, multi-disciplinary team of recruiters has worked with an extensive network of clients. We bring our insights in the industry and expertise in HR management to support our clients through their talent acquisition needs.

Compliance Intelligence

With the rise of remote work and hybrid teams and roles being more skills-based than title or location-based, the need to know and be able to adapt to evolving labour regulations is imperative. We stay attuned with the latest developments in the industry and ensure that clients are fully on-board these changes throughout the recruitment process.

Hands-on Consultancy

Every company has unique needs, thus a dedicated recruiter is assigned to work with our clients to manage their talent acquisition requirements. Each recruiter’s category expertise and extensive network value-adds into the search for the right talent that matches our client’s needs.


We work with clients on a retainer and contingency basis. Our professional recruitment fees are competitive and we only charge fees once the selected candidate begins working for you. Our client’s success is ours too.

Employee Retention

Happy employees produce satisfied customers, thus the challenge of finding the right employees that fit your company culture and share your company’s values and vision is critical. We want to see our candidates grow with you as your business grows.

Making things possible. Benefit from HRPlus today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovate your HR processes, hire, recruit, and pay employees anywhere and see your business thrive. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from our customers about outsourced recruitment and talent acquisition topics:

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