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PayrollPlus is your payroll outsourcing partner to achieve cost containment.

PayrollPlus is the scalable, cloud-based payroll management solution for small businesses and fast-growing companies.

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PayrollPlus is the scalable, cloud-based payroll management solution for small businesses and fast-growing companies.

Working with different payroll services provider in Singapore, our local payroll software partner, SMARTHRMS provides support for our payroll service which is ideal for local, hybrid and remote work environments, whether you are a team of one or one hundred

PayrollPlus solutions to meet Singapore statutory practices:

HR Outsourcing Solutions
Payroll for Small Businesses Singapore

Skip the hours you burn reconciling, calculating or validating the monthly payrolls
and tallying staff benefits!

With a team of HR professionals and compliance experts, let us simplify the payroll process so employees are remunerated accurately on time, anytime, anywhere.

  • Salary processing, disbursement and payroll file management for local and overseas employees, direct employees and outsourced contract staff, including processing of Central Provident Fund (CPF) and other statutory contributions, including Skills Development Levy (SDL) and community based contributions Preparation, submission and tracking of ad hoc statutory claims such as national service, maternity, childcare, etc.

  • Annual Tax Filing | Employee Income Declaration to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) 

  • Application, submission and processing for the application for employee training subsidised by applicable government grants

Payroll outsourcing is the “plus” that companies need to navigate in the new normal.

Sign-up for PayrollPlus and free up valuable time and resources.


With the growing complexities of workforce set-ups, outsourcing and diverse pay models, PayrollPlus ensures cost-containment that properly tracks and reports your costs with secure and accurate payments.


Drive employee satisfaction, avoid financial fines, interest costs, lawsuits and even business closures by strictly adhering to market, regulatory, and local regulations.


Don’t let your employee count worry you. Experience easy payroll handling for small businesses and any other business sizes, anytime, anywhere.


Simplified payroll operations pivot your HR talent to focus their expertise in strategically transitioning your teams into new normal.


In today’s disruptive work, workforce and workplace, staying on top of people’s data, ensuring corporate privacy and on-time updates from the management give everyone the much-needed peace of mind.

Cloud-based Technology with HRMS

Go paperless and get rid of that clog at the workspace. Get further in the HR shifts to the future of work with secured digital payroll systems, accessible, 24/7.

Making things possible. Benefit from HRPlus today.

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Innovate your HR processes, hire, recruit, and pay employees locally and overseas and see your small business thrive in the industry. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from our customers about payroll outsourcing topics:

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