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Companies always want to protect and grow the bottom line but today, we also need to prepare for the new and better normal. We help you do that, starting with your most important asset- people.

HRPlus works with you to evaluate how the new normal is impacting your business and your team. Upstream, let’s be future-ready with new ways of work, more open lines of communication and streamlined processes to fast-track growth and digital paths. Downstream, we just want to help you cut out the fat. Let’s automate what we can, simplify all the SOPs in place and optimise every resource you have with ease. Happy teams are more productive teams.

People management is key to every company success. HRPlus offers HR consulting in Singapore and provides access to tools for the following:

  • Organisational structures, workflow optimisation and succession planning
  • Workforce planning, recruitment and selection process
  • Resource management and optimisation 
  • Compensation and benefits planning from market salary scales and grading, long term and short term incentives options to variable performance bonus plan and yearly increment matrix
  • Development, management and implementation of HR policies, corporate processes and employee handbooks
  • Review, refresh and relaunch of HR programmes, corporate branding, culture and CSR programmes   

We work with our clients to build future-ready teams. Leverage from our strength with TalentPlus, PassPlus, PayrollPlus, OfficePlus and other HR solutions.

  • Talent planning advisory for appropriate staffing requirements and employee benefits, including competitive leaves, bonuses and reimbursements compensation packages
  • Permanent and contract staffing recruitment services, including Singapore Work visa application for Singapore-based, expat hires 
  • Design of on-boarding SOPs from standardisation of employment letters consistent with local employment laws, across-the-board staff entitlements to induction programmes for new hires and internal people movement
  • Set-up and management of payroll and appropriate statutory contributions such as Central Provident Funds contributions, Skills Development Levy, income tax and insurances
  • Design of off-boarding SOPs from exit interviews, cessation and resignation processing to send-offs
Contract Staffing Singapore
HR Outsourcing Singapore

We share our client’s goals on improving core capabilities, meeting statutory policies and growing the business through strategic HR solutions.

HR outsourcing is the "plus" that companies need to navigate in the new normal

Leverage on the multidisciplinary expertise of the HRPlus team.

People Expertise

People are the heart of every business. Your team needs HR consultants with in-depth understanding of how the modern world of work will be like to help you transition into the new normal a little better everyday.

Industry Expertise

HRPlus has been successfully transforming businesses for over 20 years. We have a network of diverse, talented and multi-disciplinary HR consultants, providing full spectrum of HR solutions to value-add to your operations and assist you in growing the business.


We don't provide standard “one-size, fits all” solutions. We tailor our HRPlus services to fit the needs of our client, start-ups, growing and multinational business. Get the HR solutions you need and let us grow together.

Business Growth

Be ahead of your competitors by penetrating a wider market without overseas local entities. We take on the responsibility of people management, contract staffing, accounting and tax intelligence.

Cloud-based Technology

You don’t have to be sitting right at your desk to do your work. Our cloud-based technology allows your business to have an accurate, transparent and easy viewing data experience anywhere you are 24/7.


Experience peace of mind in meeting industry regulations with the right contract staffing policies, statutory contributions and benefits management. We make sure you’re right on track.

Making things possible. Benefit from HRPlus today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovate your HR processes, hire, recruit, and pay employees anywhere and see your business thrive. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from our customers about some recent outsourcing and market expansion topics:

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