Company Registration Services in Singapore

OfficePlus helps you identify the ideal business set-up that matches you and your company’s profile to easily register and operate a business in Singapore. Work with our Singapore team of local compliance experts for local paid up capital information, company name application and the end-to-end process of business registration done for you.

Company Registration Singapore

Company Registration in Singapore

OfficePlus helps you identify the ideal business set-up that matches you and your company’s profile to easily register and operate a business in Singapore. Work with our Singapore team of local compliance experts for local paid up capital information, company name application and the end-to-end process of business registration done for you.

Company Secretarial Services in Singapore

Companies are mandated to include the appointment of the mandatory corporate company secretary as part of company registration. Many companies in Singapore, MNCs and local ones, appoint OfficePlus to take over the corporate secretary role and take away the burden of navigating through local Singapore compliance and other HR matters with ease.

Secretarial Services for Company Registration in Singapore

Company Registration with Singapore Working Visa | Employment Pass Application

Payroll, Bookkeeping and Accounting

Outsourcing administrative tasks, including the comprehensive management of payroll, accounting & bookkeeping is supported by OfficePlus. We offer across-the-board and tailored services for companies that may require support in the following:

  • Monthly payroll management including issuance of payslips and benefits tracking
  • Full set accounts on monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Group consolidation and preparation of annual reports
  • Financial report preparation for management
  • Bank and other account reconciliation and adult schedules
  • General accounting filing, preparation and process.
Business Registration Singapore
Tax Services for Business Registration in Singapore

Company Tax Services in Singapore

Work with a local team of tax specialists that collaborates with international public accounting firms. OfficePlus is on top of the latest legislative updates, compliance regulations and other developments in all aspects of local taxation. We support clients with tax preparation, planning, compliance and negotiation with Singapore tax authorities.

Data Privacy and
Protection Accreditation

Secure your Singapore company’s data privacy & protection accreditation with OfficePlus. Singapore, like many companies, has established the Data Privacy and Protection Act and local companies need to take action to meet the market’s new standards in data security. Through the local accreditation, companies will be guided in implementing the new standard of data management for the security of individuals’ personal data and regulating the collection, usage, transfer, and disclosure of information to prevent it from misuse. It also establishes stronger industry credibility, a better trust mark and a go-global vision.

Data Privacy for Business Registration in Singapore

Business outsourcing is the “plus” that companies need to navigate in the new normal.

Choose the ideal OfficePlus solution that works best on a retainer or contingent basis for your company.

Easy and Transparent Company Registration in Singapore

We provide the end-to-end service of business entity recommendation, naming application, secretary appointment and company registration to give new companies the "plus" they need to start their business entry to Singapore with ease.

Cost Containment

Keep your administrative task running on a budget that is scaled for your needs. With fully disclosed and flexible service models, OfficePlus provides the HR and business registration support you need, without hidden charges.

Expertise in Business Registration

Work with a team that is best in what they do. Count on our experienced, multi-disciplinary local team to help you achieve your goals and keep you up to date on the newest trends and ever-changing labour laws in your area.

Service Quality

For almost 20 years, we have worked with clients and delivered quality HR and business registration support. Our dedicated professional team and the flexibility of OfficePlus services provide clients with consistent, timely and compliant OfficePlus solutions.

Better Employee Engagement

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Let’s drive high employee retention, decreased turnovers and a diverse, value laden and progress-validating workplace.


Cut back the time and resources spent on administration activities. As we enter the new normal, we help companies shift traditional HR business practices into future-ready, compliant and robust processes for better efficiency and employee and partner networks engagement.

Making things possible. Benefit from HRPlus today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Run a better office by getting the right help you need. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from our customers about Business Outsourcing and Registration in Singapore.

Business Outsourcing is the process of collaborating with an external provider to perform business, finance, or HR services or operations. When you outsource an HR function or activity, it onboards the service provider as a member of the HR department, completing appointed HR tasks and value-adding to the business through better resource optimisation, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Startups, SME’s, in particular, are prone to have limited yet expensive resources and time that holds them back from achieving more. With OfficePlus, small businesses can let go of the time-consuming routines of administration, payroll management and benefits tracking, bookkeeping and work on mission-critical goals.

OfficePlus works efficiently to support companies in the management of administrative, finance and legal requirements. This may cover payroll and benefits management, statutory compliance, company registration and renewals in Singapore, admin works, bookkeeping and accounting and data protection accreditation.

Services will be tailored based on the client’s requirements. Dedicated account managers and category experts will be assigned to complete tasks on behalf of clients, compliantly as needed.

Singapore’s PDPA and the EU’s GDPR are personal data protection regulations. The GDPR is considered stricter since it demands explicit and clear consent for the collection, use, and sharing of personal data, whereas the PDPA allows for presumed consent. The GDPR includes a concept stating that data minimisation should be the approach and that enterprises should only collect data when it is actually essential and serves a purpose.

The Personal Data Protection Act is Singapore’s own set of data protection legislation that is widely recognised among over 80 countries that practice privacy policy and should be taken seriously because failure to comply can result in serious penalties and/or directly impacts credibility and trust, in the event of a data breach.

Many companies believe that the DPO’s tasks are difficult to deliver due to a lack of awareness about data protection policies. PDPA permits enterprises to outsource the DPO job to an external supplier, giving you access to expert advice and support to meet PDPA compliance requirements.

An outsourced data protection officer is a realistic and cost-effective alternative for maintaining the highest data protection standards and achieving PDPA compliance.

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