The difference between Personalised Employment Pass vs Overseas Network & Expertise (ONE) Pass


As the global competition for talent heats up in the post pandemic era, the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has recently announced a new work visa category known as Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass (ONE) Singapore Employment Pass. This latest work visa category is similar to the existing Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) as it is a personalised pass tied to the individual and not any employer. This articles explains the similarities and differences between this 2 types of work passes.

Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Employment Pass holders are allowed to concurrently start, operate and work for multiple companies/employers at any one time. There is also no need to reapply for a new pass if the foreigner chooses to change employers. Thus, ONE Employment Pass holders are given an extremely generous employment flexibility.

On the other hand, Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holders are required to secure an employer within 6 months from the date the pass is activated. PEP holders are not allowed to work for other employers and is strictly confined to work for the declared employer.

The following table illustrates the key difference between Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) and ONE Employment Pass and other the types of work visa available to foreign talent with effect from 1 January 2023.

 ONE PassPEPEntrePassEmployment Pass
Target Candidate Profile Top talent in business, arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and academia and research.High-earning Employment Pass holders or overseas foreign professionals.Eligible foreign entrepreneurs who are keen to operate a business in Singapore that is venture-backed or possesses innovative technologies.Foreign professionals, managers and executives with a job offer.
Salary CriterionAt least $30,000At least $22,500Not stipulatedMinimum $5,000 and increases with age
Duration5 years3 years1 year1 to 3 years
Renewal Option5 yearsNot.1 year for first renewal, 2 years for subsequent renewalsUp to 3 years. Possible 5 years for experienced tech professionals with skills in shortage

Both Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) and Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Employment Pass applicants are not subject to employers’ assessment and eligibility framework or government mandated job advertising requirement.

However, to qualify, applicants (existing work pass holders and overseas candidates) need to show that they meet either of the following salary criteria:

  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $22,500 for PEP holders and $30,000 for ONE Pass;
  • Will continue to earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $22,500 for PEP or $30,000 for ONE Pass under their future employers based in Singapore

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) cannot be renewed while ONE Employment Pass can renew for additional 5 more years IF the applicant:

  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S$30,000 on average over the past 5 years in Singapore, or
  • Started and is operating a Singapore-based company that employs at least 5 locals, each earning at least S$5,000 (pegged to the EP minimum qualifying salary).

Passes for Spouse, Partners and Children

Both PEP and ONE Employment Pass holders are allowed to bring in their immediate family to live with them in Singapore on Dependant’s Passes or Long-Term Visit Passes. The duration of these passes will be the same as the main pass holders.

Work Options for Spouse and Partners

If ONE Employment Pass holder is married, his or her spouse can also work in Singapore by simply obtaining Letter of Consent to work for a specific employer. There is no salary criteria for the approval for Letter of Consent to work.

Partners or common law spouses are also allowed to live in Singapore on Long Term Visit Passes instead of Dependent Passes. However, they are required to apply for Employment Passes on their own merits and are subjected to prevailing Employment Pass salary criteria.

The spouse and children of PEP holders can obtain dependent passes to stay in Singapore. However, for the spouse of PEP holders to work, a work permit application is required and approval will be subject to quota and levies for the employers.

Source: Singapore Ministry of Manpower

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With effect from 1 September 2023, all employers intending to hire foreigners on Employment Pass in Singapore are required to meet the new qualification known