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Agency Fair Hiring Practices

Attracting and hiring the most qualified candidates to fill positions are essential to achieving any company’s goals. While there is no perfect recruitment model, given that organisations have differing hiring needs, hiring on merit significantly increases the likelihood that you will get the best person for the job.


Applying the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. test


Recruiting and selecting on the basis of merit.


Giving job applicants a fair opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience during interviews.


Providing sufficient information for candidates to make an informed decision about joining the organisation.


Using consistent evaluation criteria or the specific job position for selection.


Ensuring the interviewers are aware of the established criteria for interview and selection.


Ensuring that the remuneration for the new employee is in line with our client’s pay structure, taking into account the salaries of the existing employees in the organisation as well as current remuneration practices in the industry.


Abiding by relevant labour laws when recruiting candidates for our clients.


Our job advertisements state clearly the job selection criteria and are principally related to qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience.

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Be part of the HRPlus team.

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